Friday, December 15, 2017

Vivo launches touching Christmas video

To celebrate the holiday in true Filipino Christmas spirit, Vivo Philippines releases a special holiday video depicting a touching story of a widow, her children, and a husband and father they lost in a war. The story revolved around a grieving wife and mother who tends to her small children on a Christmas eve when a group of carolers offered a rendition of ‘Silent Night’ outside their home.

Laden with gifts and noche buena food, the carolers were then welcomed inside the home of the aggrieved family only for the former’s emotions to be stirred by a solitary portrait of the father of the home—a soldier who perished fighting for peace.

The Vivo special Christmas video is an instant hit amongst the family-oriented Filipinos, garnering 781,000 views, 4,212 shares and almost 41,000 likes within six days after its release on Vivo Philippines’ official Facebook page. Because of its theme centered on family, Christmas, togetherness, and gratitude, Vivo’s special Christmas video hits home for many Filipinos. 

The comments section abounds with emotional sentiments with messages of gratitude for the soldiers who fought to re-establish peace in Marawi. Some of the comments even expressed gratitude to Vivo for “giving [the audience] an avenue to thank the ones who enabled them to celebrate Christmas in peace.” “very meaningful and heartwarming! a tribute to all our soldiers and father! hats off to Vivo management for making this short film.”

Vivo, by way of the special Christmas video, shares and celebrates what a truly meaningful Christmas for Filipinos. Family, togetherness, empathy, and the spirit of giving make a Filipino Christmas like no one else in the world. 

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How can parents make the most of the child's formative years?

How can we as parents guide our children to become the kind of individuals we can all be proud of? 

Last December 1, I was one of the fortunate few who were invited by Jollibee to attend a parenting talk with the world-renowned parenting and character formation expert with over 22 books on the field, Dr. Michele Borba.

During the #SweetSayaMoments parenting chat with other speakers I was able to note some essential takeaways that I'll be sharing with you.

Host Ms. Gelli Victor and Ms. Cathleen Capati

Jollibee Philippines Managing Director for the Flagship Category, Ms. Cathleen Capati said that Parent-child bonding is pivotal in building character during formative years. "It can be very challenging to raise kids in this day and age. But if there's anything that Filipino parents should not forget, it's the lasting importance of actually spending time with their children to teach them the values that we hold dear to our hearts, such as compassion, generosity, confidence and love for the family. 

I got teary-eyed with the latest Jolly Spaghetti ad. The ad showed how a childhood can be nurtured through simple yet impactful quality time with the family not only with the parents but with the siblings too. And children who are exposed to and are given love, care, happiness, affection, respect and generosity tend to naturally grow up paying these blessings forward as well. 

Watch this. 😍

It is an eye-opener for numerous people because it states very clearly that 1-7 years old is character building. And for most parents we don't even realize that is a critical time because we all think "bata pa yan, hindi pa nila naiintindihan,hindi pa sila nakaka relate" but it is a critical moment wherein they're building the character that they are going to have when they are all grown-ups.

L-R Ms. Aiza Tabayoyong,  Dr. Michele Borba, Gelli Victor and Ms. Cathleen Capati

Ms. Aiza Caparas-Tabayoyong of AMS Love Consultants for Families and Couples said that the best way to raise our children is to :
✔ be present for your child. Go back to basics. Spend quality time. Be a role model of good behavior for your children .

✔ Have a 1 on 1 : one day a week date day. Find time with each other. Getting to know each child, each child getting to know each parent. During that date day... No GADGETS! I know this is a big challenge specially to us parents, more than the kids 😂

✔ Social, emotional, physical well-being - take those moments in time because we don't have a chance to rewind and do it all over again. 

She also answered one of the questions on how to be able to still instill positive traits in some kids even during tough times like throwing a tantrum, acting up in public, " We have to know when it's not about us. Ignore negative behavior and a lot of afgirmation for positive behavior. Because sometimes it's just getting our attention" Ignore. Be consistent.

What causes tantrums? Boredom, the child is hungry, needs a nap, needs relaxed time

Dr. Michelle Borba has gained renown and popularity among parents all over the world for her practical, research- based advice for strengtening character, fostering compassion and developing emotional intelligence in children of all ages. Her aim is to help strengthen children's character and resilience, build strong families, create compassionate and just school cultures, and reduce peer cruelty based on her experience working with over 1 Million parents and educators worldwide. One of her key teachings is to "develop a close, mutually respectful relationship " with children, which should be established during these formative years. The first seven years of a child's life is crucial to developing his or her character and values, which is why parents should continuously nurture them during those years for them to grow up into well-rounded adults. "Studies find that kids are most influenced by those persons toward whom they feel the strongest attachment and deepest respect, " Dr. Borba said. Children more likely to copy these individual's moral beliefs... just make sure the relationship is mutually respectful: you treat your child with love and respect, and he treats you the same way in return. "

She emphasized that this ideal relationship is one that takes time building and one that parents should put effort in establishing. Dr. Borba recommends that parents should dedicate "one-to-one personal uninterrupted time" with the child regularly to build this mutual respectful and loving relationship. I've tried this before, but had a hard time doing it on a regular basis. Will try this again as this is really important to be able to maintain a loving relationship. Our children don't have 
much time to have a childhood, because they are always (doing) and we are always BUSY which puts guilt on all of us 😔 Well, no matter what parents do, parents is always about guilt. Agree? 😂

✔ Do just take a quiet little reflection moment without your kids watching and check in how often you are all plugged in. How often are your children viewing a TV, using an iPad, watching flicks and texting? Did you know that the longer your child looks down, were discovered, the lower your child's emotional literacy score go? 

✔ Be the parent and start to say NO. If your kids try to resist (yes - that's their role : to resist) but you as parents suppose to say no. Figure out when you want your "UNPLUGGED TIMES" to be. The #1 best time that everybody should have their gadgets down is during family meals. So parents, I know you are guilty too (coz I am- sometimes) , put your gadgets down and enjoy your kids because there's no rewind button on parenting! NO. GADGETS.DURING. FAMILY.MEALS. That's the key in your lifetime rituals, your tuning in to one another, and creating your memories. There's no greater parenting tool kit than be able to look at your child's eyes and figure out how they are doing and that is what you mean as relaxed little rituals that are fun and they create a long- term connection memory.

✔ Sit down and look at your own child and fast-forward him and ask your self what are the values you want to see in your child? Whatever the values is that you can think about and say that's what matters most. All of your parenting will align with it. You'll be able to find dozens of simple, no-cost ways to live within. 

✔ Connect Face to Face
✔ It's all about each other and how you are treating each other. Stop thinking about "me". And start thinking about "We". 

"GOOD PARENTING is about how to help out children live their lives to the best of their abilities -- and that in itself is an immensely powerful role," Dr. Borba concluded.

Btw, I think each household should get a copy of Dr. Borba's  book entitled "UnSELFIE" - why emphatic kids succeed in our all-about-me  world. Big help for us parents.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest Jollibee branch today and treasure those simple moments with family over Jolly Spaghetti, ang‘Sweet Saya na Di Malilimutan’. Available for dine-in, take-out, delivery and drive-thru transactions, Jolly Spaghetti is priced at P50.00*.

Jollibee Executives with the speakers

For more information on your classic Jolly favorites, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook ( and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

*Prices may vary across different locations.

Thank you Jollibee for this one-of-a-kind ezperience and thank you Dr. Borba for the book ❤

Thank you Jollibee for always being at the forefront of character building and instilling great Filipino values.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Press Release : Tackle the Toughest Laundry Loads with the LG TWINWashTM

For most moms, the laundry basket fills up faster and the to-do list never gets shorter. However, there is a way to tackle the toughest laundry loads while also freeing up some time with the LG TWINWashTM. The latest washer from LG Electronics features a front load washer at the top and a smaller pedestal washer below, allowing you to run two loads of laundry at the same time. The pedestal washer is perfect for small loads like delicates, whites, and baby clothes. It is also perfect for clothes that can benefit from an immediate wash like athletic wear. Furthermore, the LG TWINWashTM doesn’t take up as much space as other washers, making it a perfect addition for those who are living in space-poor condominiums and apartments. So this holiday season, get more out of your time, energy, and space at home with the LG TWINWashTM. 

For more information about the LG TWINWashTM, please visit .

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Press Release: Herbal Nutrition-Sponsored Athlete Cristiano Ronaldo Named Best FIFA Men’s Player For Second Consecutive Year

International football super star Cristiano Ronaldo, an Herbalife Nutrition-sponsored athlete since 2013, was recently named “The Best FIFA Men’s Player” for the second consecutive year. The award was determined through a combined voting process that included the votes of team captains and managers from national teams all around the globe, an online public ballot of football fans, and votes by a select group of global media representatives.

“Cristiano proves once again that his dedication on the field and commitment to nutrition has elevated him to the top of his game, earning him one of FIFA’s top honors, The Best Men’s Player Award,” said Rich Goudis, CEO of Herbalife Nutrition.

Ronaldo, named the most famous athlete in the world by ESPN, adds to other major awards and accomplishments in 2017. He won the 2016/17 UEFA Men’s Player of the year for the second consecutive year, after once again leading Real Madrid to the UEFA Champions League title and finishing as the top goal scorer, as well as helping his team win the Spanish La Liga cup. In 2017, he also became the first player to score 100 goals in UEFA Champions League and European competitions. He currently holds four Ballon d’ Or titles, the annual football award presented by France Football, and is in the running this year for his fifth.

Herbalife Nutrition-sponsored athletes use Herbalife® products before, during and after
training and games. As part of its ongoing commitment to improving sports nutrition and
performance, Herbalife Nutrition launched Herbalife24® CR7 Drive in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, a sports drink designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of the global soccer legend and benefit athletes of all levels.

Herbalife Nutrition supports more than 190 athletes worldwide. To learn more about Herbalife Nutrition sponsored athletes, visit To receive the latest company updates from Herbalife Nutrition, follow @HerbalifeNews.

About Herbalife:

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. We have been on a mission for nutrition – changing people’s lives with great nutrition products & programs – since 1980. Together with our Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors, we are committed to providing solutions to the worldwide problems of poor nutrition and obesity, an aging population, skyrocketing public healthcare costs and a rise in entrepreneurs of all ages. We offer high-quality, science-backed products, most of which are produced in Company-operated facilities, one-on- one coaching with an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor, and a supportive community approach that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our targeted nutrition, weight management, energy, fitness and personal care products are available exclusively to and through dedicated Herbalife Nutrition distributors in more than 90 countries. Through our corporate social responsibility efforts, Herbalife Nutrition supports the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and our Casa Herbalife programs to help bring good nutrition to children in need. We are also proud to sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy, and numerous Olympic teams.

Herbalife Nutrition has over 8,000 employees worldwide, and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) with net sales of approximately $4.5 billion in 2016. To learn more, visit or Financial information is available on

Thursday, December 7, 2017

SM, Globe team up to boost Supermall internet

Two of the most loved brands, SM Supermalls and Globe have teamed up to provide mall goers access to high-speed internet services, and together, bringing new and extraordinary experiences in SM malls across the country.

SM Supermalls together with Globe Telecom Inc., boosts free internet access in selected SM Malls nationwide starting November this year. 

From L- R Annie S. Garcia, Preaident Shopping Center Management Corporation; Jeffrey Lim, President SM Prime Holdings; Hans T. Sy, Cgairman of the Executive Committee, SM Prime Holdings; Ernest Cu, President and CEO, Globe Telecom Inc.; Willy Ocier, President Philippine Global Communications Inc.

Shoppers and mall goers will be able to access everything they need online with speedy and reliable internet making their mall-going experience enjoyable, seamless and convenient.

Being #AlwaysConnectedAtSM, customers can check out movie schedules, tune in to their social media accounts, book a ride and get first dibs on the latest dining spots and fashion finds that SM malls have in store for them. Mall goers only need to connect to @SMFreeWiFi via their mobile device, tablet, or laptop to enjoy one hour of free internet service.

To make the fun last longer, SM’s GoWiFi Auto will also be available for customers to experience up to 100Mbps of high-speed internet connection with affordable promo packages starting at P15/day. All they need to do is open their device’s WiFi settings, connect to @GoWiFi_Auto hotspot, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the pop-up screen.

For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sale! Great Argan Sale Year 2 November 28 – December 12, 2017 at Nailaholics

What is the best way to combat dry skin especially this cold and merry season when it's  impossible to say no to all the revelry? Argan oil! 😍

Of course, aside from eating healthy (a lot of greens, water, and fiber), getting enough sleep and a lot of exercise help. Also using moisturizer that encourages natural production of the oil glands. Argan oil is thought by many to be the best choice of oils to increase healthy oil production. Argan oil stimulates the skin, reduces rashes and itchiness, and is safe for sensitive skin.
Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser.

Drawn from trees that grow in the southern region of Morocco, argan oil is a rich blend of antioxidants, vitamin A and E, polyunsaturated fat, and essential fatty acid. It’s literally food for hair and skin, eases inflammation, and gives it a boost of moisture from within that lends itself to an inner glow—the hallmark of healthy skin. 

It’s important to note though that you get the real deal. So be sure to get it from somewhere that has a longstanding reputation of reliability and quality. It’s the concentration of argan oil that allows you to receive all its benefits, so make sure you’re getting it from a brand that can be trusted when they say that they are giving you a bottle with no artificial preservatives,” shares Lorraine Baterina, Brand Manager of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

That said, here’s an insider tip that is just in time for the holidays: you can get a free 50 ml bottle for every purchase of one 100 ml Argan Oil bottle at any Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branch. 

Each 100 ml argan oil bottle is priced at Php 1,390. Now you get to take home more with the Great Argan Sale, giving you a savings of Php 790 which is the original price of your free 50 ml argan oil bottle. You better hurry though because this exclusive promotion runs only from November 28 to Dec 12, 2017. 

Hey Sugar! Now Waxing in Robinsons Galleria

Waxing has become a common (and popular) service offered at salons and spas for years. Whether it's the eyebrow, upper lip, underarm,legs or, well, someplace more intimate, many people choose waxing for longer-lasting hair removal. Waxing is a great alternative to shaving if you have hair you're uncomfortable with. It is recommended for people of all ages and both genders. If your goal is to maintain skin that’s smooth and hair free no matter what season, have an appointment to your nearest waxing salon. Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon, is giving clients what they need while making sure that they allow them to feel fabulous about themselves as well. 

"We strive to bring reliable and fast services, but also connect with our customers—it’s a very personal grooming procedure, after all, and we are dedicated to making customers happy and comfortable. Clients expect quality service, superior treatments and affordable prices but not at the expense of a warm and comfortable environment—and that’s exactly what we have waiting for them here,” explains Arvin A. Amaro, Hey Sugar’s Marketing Head. 

At the end of the day, everyone deserves some sugar…and there’s no better place to get it than by heading to Hey Sugar! Robinsons Galleria 3rd Level East Wing.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 33 locations nationwide, including in Unimart Greenhills, Ayala Malls Centrio CDO, UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod, SM Calamba, and our newest branch Hey Sugar Robinsons Galleria. 

For bookings call 940-9592 or text 09366420530.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Vivo V7 launch at SM North EDSA spearheaded by VIVO’s Newest Local Ambassador Julie Ann San Jose and Ashley Rivera

Vivo, one of the leading smartphone brands in the country today, held a re-launch of its latest offering from the V series. The Vivo V7, was first unveiled in a grand launch at the SM City Bacolod Event Center North Wing last November 18 with Vivo influencer Boyband PH headlining the event

The re-launch, which took place at the SM North EDSA Cyberzone Event Center last November 28, was graced by performances by R&B singer and Vivo influencer Julie Anne San Jose plus newest all-male group One Up. 

The event was also hosted by the DJ and Vlogger Ashley Rivera. The V7 re-launch was largely attended by members of the media from various networks and bloggers. 

Ms. Hazel Bascon, Vice President of Vivo Philippines and Head of Sales welcomed the members of the press and the audience in attendance.

Just in time for the holidays, Vivo is also mounting a special Christmas campaign to anchor the traditions of the most awaited holiday of the year and Vivo as a brand. The Christmas campaign involves booth stands in participating malls where Vivo enthusiasts may take their best Christmas selfie with Santa Claus, say hi to their favorite Vivo Family at the Vivo Phone Booth, get a chance to be Vivo’s all-screen cover girl or cover guy at the Cover Page booth and to experience the new Vivo V7 at the Experience tables. People who drop by the Vivo booth stand are also entitled to a prize upon completing their rounds in all of the featured booths. 

The V7 is the result of Vivo’s on-going effort in understanding the needs of today’s young people, as the company continues its growth trajectory and international expansion by providing stylish and dynamic products to more consumers to show off their individuality and capture memories that is worth remembering.  

The V7 reinforces Vivo’s leadership in selfies with its 24MP front-facing camera, which produces crystal-clear selfies. By keeping true-to-life color and contrast and a clear background at all times, V7 allows users to express themselves truly anytime, anywhere. Equipped with advanced technology, this phone is known for its exceptional photography features, screen quality and the overall product design. 

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

LoveHopeFaith holiday cut-off for online orders

Who would have thought that buying a gift for your loved one, or just for yourself, could save the life of a cancer patient? 

For four (4) years now, Lovehopefaith Group (LHF) has helped hundreds of its beneficiaries who are mostly children with cancer. Their products, Life Saver Shirt, Life Saver Bag, and Life Saver Watch live up to its name. 

To further enhance the shopping experience of its customers LHF has improved its ordering process. 

In April this year, LHF has shifted online orders to their website Customers 
can visit their website, select orders, review cart, enter shipping details, and proceed to checkout. All business transactions related to orders are coursed through their email

Clients can still send them a message thru their Facebook page or mobile numbers for queries.

To prevent shipping delays this holidays, a cut-off schedule has been released for online orders. 

Deadline for orders and payments for those with provincial addresses are on December 12, and for Metro Manila addresses on December 15.

Life Saver Watch

Life Saver Watch features Japan Movement technology and is water resistant. Ten trendy colors are 
available in small and big sizes giving a wide array of variety for people 
from all ages to choose from.

Available colors are: Black, White, Gray, Mint, Navy Blue, Army Green, Red, Purple, Pink, and Brown.

Life Saver Watch costs only 250 pesos wherein 50% of its net proceeds are donated to Lovehopefaith’s beneficiaries who are primarily children with cancer. 

Other beneficiaries include: Tahanan Sta. Luisa, a crisis intervention for street children, and Tahanan Carmela D’Amor, a center for abandoned children managed by the Sisters of the Divine Zeal.


LoveHopeFaith (LHF) is an all-Filipino social enterprise that was founded as an instrument to provide care and assistance to a cancer patient. . Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products are donated to its causes. As the business grew, LHF was able to add non-profit institutions to its list of beneficiaries.

For more information, visit our website at

Follow LHF on Facebook:


#TimetoSaveaLife #LifeSaverWatch #lovehopefaithgroup

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hey Sugar! Now spreading organic sweetness at Trinoma + Review

I remember a friend way back in College , (his name is Edison) he used to tease me for having mabalahibo (hairy) legs. 😔 I got conscious, so I shaved. But shaving is really a not-so-good idea as the hair would grow back in no time -- thicker and bushier 😭 Edison and I are still friends, btw.

Today, I must admit, I really am into waxing for like 7-8 years already. And I'm lovin' it. Why? For grooming and hygienic reasons. While some women also say it enhances their sex life.  

I won't say that the first time isn't ouchy. It is!!! But I lived through it and get it done again and again and again. Good thing I have high tolerance for pain. Tiis ganda na lang! 😂 But after my operation (craniotomy) last December 2013, it took me 2 years to have it done again. I'm afraid that the operation will affect my pain tolerance but thankfully, it didn't. So, you dirty mind, I know what you are thinking! Of course, I have alternatives during those months that I wasn't able visit the salon. 😛 Toinks!

I was planning my visit again recently to Lay Bare (where I frequent) when I got an invite for the opening of Hey Sugar! Trinoma. Finally, a branch that uses all-natural, sugar waxing and talk-of-the-town waxing salon near my place. I was delighted about the invite. I went to the salon's opening last November 17.

It is located at the 1st level of Trinoma Mall, beside Mercury Drugstore entrance. But wasn't able to try their services as I was suddenly needed elsewhere

Recently, I got the chance/ free time/ me-time/ mama mode off time - whatever you want to call it. I braved the traffic just to get to Hey Sugar! Trinoma. I got their Package #3 which includes Underarm, Full leg (though I asked for half-leg only), and Brazilian. At first I was edgy when I learned that they'll use hot wax and strips, as I had a bad experience before (not with LB - because they only have cold wax) with a salon that hurt me so bad. But then the aesthetician assured me that hot wax is better than cold wax, etc..., so I gave in. I think that's one of my problems, I easily trust people. Hehe. It took us almost 1 1/2 hrs to get things done. 😁

Now, let me state some factors and let YOU be the judge of 2 waxing salons - Lay Bare and Hey Sugar! 

Hygiene and Cleanliness
I am a stickler for good hygiene and impeccable cleanliness when it comes to my personal zone. LayBare uses different wax in different areas, but sometimes the one they use on my UA will be use on my legs. (I guess this depends on the hair? well, I got less hair on those parts, maybe?). Hey Sugar! on the other hand uses strips in different areas but with same spatula. Both salons double- dipped? I guess so. No double- dipping please ✌ Cleanliness is essential in this industry. Not only does it keeps us (clients) safe, it keeps the techs and salon safe as well. 

 ðŸ“Mask- waxing technicians of LayBare  wear mask, Aestheticians of Hey Sugar! , don't. Healthwise, it would be beneficial to both the technician and the client if the waxing tech would wear a mask. 

📍   Gloves - for me, gloves are a must! Like hello, you'll be touching my privates. Hands are exposed to blood, body fluids, urine and feces. Think about what you touch and who before you may have touch the same spot. With LB they use new gloves (both hands) on each clients. While on HS, the tech used only 1 on her left hand and eventually took it off because as per her, other clients would ask her to take the gloves off because it's more painful when it touches the waxed area 🤔 well, not with me 😔. What can I do? We are in the middle of a Brazilian 😂 so, I just let her finish. In no time, it's done!

Facilities - Both salons have a room just for you, with LB it has a sliding door, while in HS, just a curtain. Privacy has to be on top of your list for your waxing experience. HS's salon is classy and cozy at the same time. I love the lemony smell of the salon. It's interior is eye-catching, too. 

Staff - both have professional and trained staff. But those in HS are friendlier, they will make you feel at home. 

The OUCH Factor
Both have the same level of ouchiness. I would suggest, if your pain tolerance is not as high as mine. Take mefenamic (pain reliever) 30 mins before you go to your waxing salon.

PRICE - LB is cheaper with minimal difference. Will update this article once I posted their updated rates. 

In conclusion, find a salon that connects with you, one that listens, and makes the service as comfortable as possible. Do not visit a salon that isn't clean and isn't informed. It's for your safety. 

So which waxing place should you go to when you're in need of getting the hair down there away?

Will be posting more about waxing (since I opened another window of myself to you), what to avoid before and after waxing, its benefits, tips, etc...

Happy Waxing! Remember, hair free is care free 😘

Any experience on other waxing salons? What are your thoughts on the two I mentioned? Did you have a different encounter?