Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How I got My Teen Wash The Dishes +Review : Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid

In this day and age getting children into the habit of pitching in around the house is a struggle. They would rather play with their gadgets than help in the household chores.

Recently, I've been under the weather so I asked my eldest son , who is already a teen to wash the dishes. At first he refused because he's busy playing LoL (League of Legends), but still he obeyed after like 10 years? Haha. No, after the battle. From then on, he would always offer to wash the dishes. Out of curiosity, I asked him why? To my surprise, he said that he loves the dishwashing liquid we are currently using. Woah!!! Actually, I'm beginning to love it too --- Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid.

Here are the reasons why I'm also falling in love with Bubbleman;

* SAFE - every mom wants what is best for her family that's why I'm very meticulous when it comes to the products we are using. My #1 priority in choosing a product is my family's safety and protection from harmful ingredients. Bubbleman is the ONLY brand that uses biodegradable products among others. That's why it leaves NO SMELL on the dishes.

* GENTLE ON HANDS - our hands are often the busiest and most used part of body. Washing dishes using other products before gives me rashes. I'm glad that Bubbleman is gentle on my hands. But still can't take this habit of applying lotion after washing the dishes to moiturize my hands. Ü

* ECONOMICAL - wise moms would agree that frugality is a must in every household. With Bubbleman Dishwashing liquid I got to save money, water, time and energy.

   > money - because it costs less than other brands. Before, we use a different product in washing the dishes and the feeding bottles of my little ones. But since, Bubbleman is safe we use it as well in washing the kids' feeding bottles. That's lotsa savings! 

   > water - it easily rinses away for a natural, streak-free shine on all our glasses, silverwares, plates,pots and pans

   > time and energy - since it's tough on grease I don't have to exert more effort in scrubbing dirt and oil off the dishes. That saves time and energy and I gotta lot of time for cuddling my kids and MITD.

Available in 3 variants Antibac, Kalamansi and Lemon
270ml     P32.50
880ml      P65.00

Promopack 270ml   2's      P55.00
Promopack 880ml   2's      P120.00

As a consumer, I'm very much impressed with Bubbleman's cleaning powers. It works so well for our dishes, household and our family.  ♥♥♥

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